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This island surrounded by paradisiacal beaches is the perfect place to relax, play and enjoy family time.

An unforgettable vacation

After the long school year comes the summer and all families deserve to spend time together, without rushing, without schedules, sharing every day together and living new experiences.

There is nothing more exciting than deciding where to meet again with the sea, the sand, leave the routine behind and embark on what can be another fantastic summer with your loved ones.

Return home with great memories and photos of a summer on the island of Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura Apartments and Villas accommodation for the whole family

At Fuerteventura Apartments and Villas we will help you to find the right accommodation for each guest.

Apartments in the center of the city, or in residential with swimming pool. Villas with sea view or the best view to the island of Lobos…

We will be happy to advise you and offer you the best option for your stay on the island.

What are you waiting for? Fuerteventura is waiting for you!

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Fuerteventura, an island to enjoy with the family

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